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Skilled technicians get your garage door working again

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With our highly trained technicians, not only will you receive excellence in service, but our tucks arrive fully stocked with durable garage door parts, ready for garage door services and installations that meet your strictist expectations.

From repair services and maintanance, to safety checks and new garage door installations, the most important thing we do is serve customers with exellence.

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Call us at 253-210-0128 or 206-407-3768 for a free on-site estimate of your garage door issue (emergency, after hours and out-of-area services subject to a service charge). We serve Lakewood garage door repair, Dupont, JBLM, Stellicom and Tacoma with free garage door service estimates.

Dispatched trucks serve a wide South Puget Sound area


Ever since our family founded ASGD, LLC (formerly All Service Garage Doors) in 1982, teams of experienced technicians continue to be dispatched to countless South Puget Sound locations for garage door repairs and new garage door replacements.

Team members arrive at your location to skillfully diagnose garage door problems so that you can once again safely access your garage door with your vehicle.

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As a courtesy to our online customers like you, we continue to offer coupon discounts to save you money on your garage door issue, or next new garage door.

How to Identify Common Garage Door Problems

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  • When your garage door doesn't move at a controlled speed, or won't move at all, the probability is that your garage door springs or cables are broken. Torsion springs and cables work together to balance the door and both require a professional approach. Don't risk injury for a job that requires special tools and high-tension torque settings.

    Falls quickly or struggles to move?

  • Any off-track garage door is in a precarious position and could come crashing down at any moment. Loose cables, frozen rollers and even spring issues could be causing this problem, if not by a vehicle striking the door. Stay safe can call us at 253-210-0128 or 206-407-3768 for emergency repairs.

    Off-track garage door?

  • If your garage door is stuck in the open or closed position, it might have something to do with your safety sensors, blocked track, jammed rollers, an opener issue or electrical problem. We've even seen people forget to release the mechanical safety lock after returning from vacation. Call us if you can't figure out why your garage door won't move.

    Door won't open or close?

  • With many open-close cycles over time, garage doors develop noise issues from neglected maintenance like removing grime from tracks and lubrication of moving parts. Then again, your might have some damaged tracks, frozen rollers or an opener issue. Call us at 253-210-0128 or 206-407-3768, as one of our specialties is silencing noisy garage doors.

    Makes loud noises when in motion?